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We develop bespoke strategies and promotional methods designed specifically for your business.

Cutting-edge solutions

We devise and apply innovative approaches to project management and processes.

All-encompassing support

We offer services to boost business growth, utilizing each team member's unique expertise for strategic planning.

Data-driven strategies

We rely on factual data and analytics to create informed plans.


For detailed information about each service, consider setting up a one-on-one consultation with our experts.

Social media marketing

MYRA Agency specializes in Social Media Marketing (SMM), helping businesses expand their reach on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Even traditional businesses now harness these platforms for visibility. By partnering with us, you'll benefit from:
• Brand promotion on Instagram;
• Enhanced Facebook presence;
• Targeted ads for lead generation.

Our team sets up and optimizes your profiles, tailors campaigns for your specific audience, and ensures effective results, often within the first month."

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Websites development

Our services encompass creating and supporting custom websites, portals, and landing pages. With rising online competition, a tailored website is crucial for distinctiveness. Our team crafts designs specific to your needs, eliminating bloated code from generic templates, ensuring faster load times with core programming like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The WEBP image format we use speeds up image loading, especially crucial for mobiles on weaker signals.

By partnering with us, you'll receive:
• A custom, efficient website;
• A design that mirrors your business;
• Mobile responsiveness;
• Engagement tools like feedback forms;
• Your own domain integration, enhancing credibility;
• Key SEO elements for a polished social media appearance;
• Enhanced features via JavaScript.

With our tailored web solutions, position your business at the forefront online.

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Branding development

Branding is the strategy of shaping and managing a company's reputation and image. It involves activities that cultivate a consistent company identity, enhancing product value and customer trust. A brand includes the company's name, logo, and trademark. Branding has two main facets:
The creative side, such as logos and visual identity.
The foundational aspect, detailing the brand's core values and principles.

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TikTok, with over 1.1 billion users from 150+ countries, offers businesses a vast platform for growth. While once dominated by youth entertainment, over 80% of its users are now adults with financial stability. As TikTok advertising grows in popularity, many entrepreneurs are seizing its potential. Our team excels at TikTok promotions. If interested, reach out on our website for expert assistance.

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Targeting advertising

Targeted ads display promotions to specific audiences based on their interests. This means selecting individuals genuinely interested in your offerings from a larger group. It's a powerful advertising method that, when done right, yields quick results. The process involves strategizing, configuring campaigns, optimizing, and improving results. We undertake projects where we can confidently guarantee positive outcomes.

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Search engine optimization

SEO tailors a website to align with search engine algorithms and user searches, aiming to rank the site high for relevant queries. These queries form the site's semantic core. Proper SEO can result in targeted traffic, increased conversions and sales, and loyal customers. Want to boost your site's presence? Reach out on our website, and an expert will be in touch soon!

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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a precise way to reach potential online clients. It comes in two types: Contextual Media Network for conversions and Banner Advertising for branding. Its advantages include being non-intrusive (displayed only to interested users), adaptable (AdWords allows quick setting adjustments for optimal performance), and cost-effective (pay only for specific conversions like potential client calls).

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Our Team

We've assembled a team of industry experts to guarantee you the best results and outstanding service.

Lora Lyschuk

Graphic desinger

Solomiia Kaduchok

Content creator

Olha Shulha

SMM manager

Chezganova Julia

Web designer

Chezganov Artem

Web developer

Dmytro Lakhman

Business development

Olha Pankiv

General project manager

Ivan Ialovega

Operating director

Client Reviews


My business is all about creativity, and I deliberated for a long time on choosing a company that would not only create a logo for me but also convey the essence of my work through the logo. I never regretted choosing MYRA AGENCY. They are an amazing team, and their designer executed the job perfectly.

Two moons

Badulo Hanna


I ordered a logo for my clinic and I was blown away by the service and quality of work. The designer put together a whole presentation and meticulously developed the logo and emblem for my business. I am extremely satisfied and will only turn to MYRA AGENCY from now on.


Volodumur Tarasuk


The MYRA AGENCY team are individuals who are not afraid to experiment and bring their ideas to the negotiation table. They have a deep understanding of their craft, and within just three months of working together, my business revenues have significantly increased.

Albom. bom

Natalia Panchak


I ordered a logo for my clinic and I was blown away by the service and quality of work. The designer put together a whole presentation and meticulously developed the logo and emblem for my business. I am extremely satisfied and will only turn to MYRA AGENCY from now on.

Body house

Maryna Storozhenko


I entrusted the content of my two businesses to these people. And I was amazed. They created incredible photos for my restaurants, and we are definitely looking forward to a long-term partnership.

Red Bottle

Dima Khlebnikov

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